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Rapid e-learning tools are tools that are easy to use, but at the same time are powerful enough to create some real engaging learning interaction. This means that these tools have to have the following features:

  1. An easy to use graphical interface
    Easy to use software, makes it fast to create e-learning.
  2. Possibility to create actions/interactivity
    Adding interactivity to make the e-learning exciting and engaging.
  3. Keeping track of specific data
    Allows for the possibility to customize learning, based on certain choices the user has made.

The last couple of years there has not been much development in the authoring tools industry. Several rapid-learning tools are already more than 5 years old, without any significant updates. Luckily new tools have emerged on the market recently to give this industry a fresh input. 

Here’s an overview of some of the best rapid e-learning authoring tools currently available:

I’ll start with two newly launched products which look very promising.

  1. Articulate Storyline
    Setting the new standard for rapid e-learning tools. Simple but very powerful to use. Lacking multiple language features though…
  2. ZebraZapps
    Cloud-based authoring and publishing platform. Can create advanced interactivity without programming.

These next tools have been on the market for some time already:

  1. Articulate Studio 9 (Presenter, Quizmaker and Engage)
    Good easy-to-use software with many features. Very slow performance though. Soon to be updated with version 12
  2. iSpring Suite (iSpring Pro, Quizmaker and Kinetics)
    A software suite very similar to Articulate Studio, and perhaps even better. Much faster performance (then Articulate), but slightly less features and no large user support base. Free version available.
  3. Adobe Captivate
    Recently updated to support HTML 5 output (for iPad support).
  4. Lectora
    Good software with high flexibility. Higher learning curve though.
  5. Snap!
    Plugin into powerpoint for only $99. Converts powerpoint to online presentation with extra interactivity
  6. Toolbook
    Toolbook used to be highly regarded, though their software now seems slightly outdated. Some basic features are very hard to implement. Good on collaboration.
  7. Smartbuilder
    Professional authoring tool with two major advantages: allows for e-learning branching (show/do different things, based on users choices) and very good support for multi-language courses.

Each tools has it advantages and disadvantages, and it depends really how your organisation is structured and how you want to use e-learning in your company, to determine which one is best for you.

In future updates I will add small reviews for all these products.

Why don’t you contact me to discuss which e-learning solution is best for you?


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