Inspiring e-learning example: Scenario based office training


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office scenario elearning trainingMost corporate e-learning solutions are for obvious reasons not shared to the general public, but kept inhouse. Therefore it can be challenging sometimes to find engaging examples of elearning on the internet.

But the other day I stumbled upon this excellent example of really engaging e-learning.

In designing an elearning course, graphic design is important, but it’s instructional design that makes you want to see the course through to completion.

This elearning course is about “Office Harassment Training” and tries to teach about self-confidence. An effective way to teach about self-confidence (or any other soft-skill), is to place the learner in a safe environment (e.g. a simulation) and have them explore the consequences of their actions and give them realistic feedback.

The example really does a good job in being realistic by including scenario’s that at first glance are not always obvious work related (ie. the pickle incident). They are intended to be there since most interactions with difficult people are not black and white.

And if you follow the course to completion, you’re given feedback intended for personal growth – a life long skill.

Try it out here:

broken coworker




Oh, in the process I stumbled upon another scenario based elearning demo. Not so good as the example above, but still pretty good: :


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