E-learning projekter hos HempelTogether with multiple participants from Hempel, I was involved as a consultant, designing, producing and implementing multiple e-learning courses, in many different languages.
Period: 2011 – 2012


  • Based on the requirement of being able to design and produce in-house e-learning, I helped Hempel choosing the correct authoring tools.
  • Development of a tracking script, that monitors and records all employees training results in a database solution (as a temporary replacement for a LMS).
  • Design of standard templates and functionality for all e-learning courses.
    Design of storyboards working together in close cooperation with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).
  • Production of courses in English with tools like Articulate, Quizmaster, Engage and Storyline.
  • Project management of translation of all e-learning courses into Spanish, Chinese and Russian.


  • New Employee Orientation
    Hempel Screenshot - New Employee Orientation

    An interactive blended learning course that introduces new employees to the company. This course communicates the most relevant knowledge new employees need to know, in an easy, motivating and effective way.
    Employees are quickly integrated into the company and less time is being used on more traditional training forms, which resulted in a large reduction of costs.

    Produced in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. 

  • Code of Conduct
    Hempel Screenshot - Code of ConductHempel is active in many different countries, with different backgrounds and cultural differences. This course explains clearly the many ethical and moral guidelines Hempel employees have to take into acount when driving business across the globe.

    Produced in 10 different languages, such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian Croatian, Italian and more… 

  • Health and Safety
    Hempel screenshot - Health & SafetyMost of Hempel’s employees work daily with toxic goods in a risky environment. With the use of video shots taken on the actual work places across the world, employees are being trained in the different hazardous conditions that can occur.

    Produced in English and Chinese.